Convenient & Handy

​X-100 Coffee Roast Color Meter

Easy to Use

  • Only two control buttons
  • Simple and clear UI
  • Can measure both ground and whole beans
  • Adjustable automatic off time
  • The attached calibration plates can be utilized to calibrate the device


  • Fast Measurement
  • Fast Warm up
  • Fully charged only needs 1~2 hours
  • Auto power off saves energy

Full Functions

  • Precise optical measurement system
  • Show Agtron gourmet number
  • ​Show the corresponding roast degree
  • Store up to 200 data logs

Handy Design

  • ​Full accessories
  • Light and handy bag
  • low quantity required for measurement


  • Powder Trough: contain the coffee beans
  • Pedestral: support the powder trough and prevent coffee beans from falling outside
  • Scraper: scrape the the surface of coffee beans in powder trough
  • Calibration Plates A & B: calibrate the device
  • USB Type C Cable: charge the battery of the device

Operating Principle

X-100 Roast Color Meter utilizes near infrared light to measure the roast degree of coffee beans. Near infrared light refers to the electromagnetic waves with wavelength of 750~1500 nm. According to the research, the absorption of near infrared light from coffee beans increases as the roast degree of coffee beans rises, while the reflection lowers down. This phenomenon comes from the carbonization of organic components inside the beans such as sucrose. Therefore, we can get the Agtron number and corresponding roast degree through measuring the reflection of infrared light from the beans and taking the SCA Agtron gourmet scale as reference.


SizeHeight 9.3cm,Diameter 16.8cm
Weight276 grams
DisplayWhite Light OLED
Light Source850nm NIR LED
Scale Range0~150 Agtron gourmet
BatteryLithium Polymer Battery
ChargingUSB Type C Cable. Fully Charged needs 1~2 hours

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